Power plants & Desalination Units

Khoms Power Plant, Libya

  • Reverse Engineering
  • Manufacturing and Erection of two Drum Screens (Sea Water Intake)
  • Design and construction Natural Gas Pipe Lines

Khoms Power Plant, Libya

  • Construction of new 20” Gas Pipe Line  2000 m

Zliten Power Plant, Libya

  • Contract with VA TECH
  • Overhauling of three
  • Desalination Units
  • Replacement of Corroded Plates
  • Retubing of Evaporators
  • Replacement of Insulation,
  • Overhauling of Boilers

Power Plant Benghazi, Libya

  • Contract with VA TECH
  • Finished 2006
  • Erection of new Desalination Unit
  • Erection of a new Boiler Unit
  • Commissioning and start-up of both Units

Power Plant Benghazi north, libya

  • Revamping of Turbines Condensate System after long period of being in shout down
  • Repairing of Vacuum Condense Pumps, Sea Water Pumps and Ejector System
  • Repairing of all Block Valves from ½ inches up to 24 inches (near 350 pcs.)
  • Repairing and testing of Compressors Tubes
  • Retubing 300 of damaged Tubes

Power Plant Derna, Libya

  • Reverse Engineering, manufacturing of Spare Parts, for See Water Pumps
  • Repairing and installing of two Travelling Screens (See Water Intake)
  • Installing of two new Travelling Screens
  • Civil works, repair of concrete areas

Power Plant Derna, Libya

  • Reverse engineering and repairing of Ljungstrom
  • Air heater for Boiler C
  • Replace damaged bona pipes for drinking water

GESCO – Power Plant Misurata, libya

  • Design, Material Purchasing and Construction of Pump Station and Pipe Line for LFO
  • Mechanical, Electrical and Instrumentation Works

Power Plant AZAWIA, Libya

Job in progress

  • Reconstruction and commissioning of 12” Gas Pipe Line