Petrochemical – Refineries – Oil Fields

AGOCO - Arabian Gulf Oil Company

Project in progress

Nafoora Oil Field - Tank D-1

  • Cleaning and bottom and shell repairing of Crude Oil Tanks
  • Inspection
  • Painting of Tank’s internal and external surfaces
    Replacing of drain pipe lines

Nafoora Oil Field - Installation of Four Separators

  • Four (4) out of service separators replaced with new ones
  • Testing, Commissioning and Start – Up

Ethylene Plant, RASCO, Ras Lanuf, Libya

  • Routine and Preventive Maintenance
  • Planning and Execution of Major Overhauls
  • Turnaround ETA 2004, Mechanical Works, 40 Workers
  • Turnaround ETA 2007, Mechanical and Instrument Works, 100 Workers

Polyethylene Plant, RASCO Ras Lanuf, Libya


  • Maintenance Contract with HYUNDAI, 30 Months
  • Routine Daily Maintenance Jobs
  • Establish Preventive Maintenance Programs,
  • Prepare and execute the first Major Plant Turnaround

Utility Plant, RASCO Ras Lanuf, Libya

  • Desalination Units Reconstruction of chemicals pipe lines,
  • Replace CS pipes with BONDSTRAND pipes

Polyethylene Plant Ras Lanuf, Libya

  • Contract with HYUNDAI, 6 months 
  • Commissioning and start-up of C 4 cryogenic tank
  • Turnaround PETA 2010, Mechanical Works, Rotating Equipment and Instrument Works
  • Engaged 56 Workers, completed in April 2010

Ethylene Plant Ras Lanuf, Libya

  • Turnaround ETA 2010, Mechanical Works, Rotating Equipment and Instrument Works 
  • Engaged 140 Workers, completed in April 2010

Attahaddy Gas Field Development Project (HYUNDAI)

  • Commissioning of Rotating Equipment
  • Corrections of pipe lines punch lists    
  • Pipe lines hydro testing           
  • Commissioning of process and preparation for Start-up

Azzawiya Refinery, Libya, 2008

  • Design and construction of Twin Warehouse 5000 m2
  • Underground Piping, Concrete Foundations, Access Roads,5000 m2 of Concrete Flooring,
  • Electrical, Fire-fighting and Shelving System are included

Azzawiya Refinery, Libya, 2008

  • Overhauling of heaters 21/121-H4 &110-H1

  • Turnaround 2010. 95 Workers engaged

G.C.C.I Abukammash Chemical Complex, Libya Ethylene Storage plant

  • Finished 2006

  • Design improvement of Strip Anchors and Annular Ring

  • Repairing of Annular Rings, Shells and Roofs on two Ethylene Storage Tanks

  • Sand blasting and painting of Tanks

G.C.C.I Abukammash Chemical Complex, Libya

  • Overhauling of Ethylene Refrigeration Compressors

  • Completely dismount, check of all dismounted parts with detailed measuring,

  • Raising order for necessary spare parts, assembling compressors and el. motors,

  • Check all shout down system, make commissioning and start up.

  • After six years compressors and refrigeration are in function and systems are in full operation

SARIR Oil Field

  • Cleaning and bottom repairing/replacing of Crude Oil Tanks, (Annual turnaround 2007.)

  • Painting of Tank’s internal and external surfaces

  • Replacing of Furnace Coils in three Furnaces,

  • Relocate two Oil Separators from GS-1 to GC-2&GC-3

AGOCO - Messla Oil Field, Libya

  • Repairing and Painting of four  Water Tanks

6b. Mesla

Brega Marketing, Ras El Mungar - Benghazi

  • Repairing three storage tank
  • Replace damaged bottom plates, roof repairing
  • Replace annular ring and one meter of the shell
  • Painting of the tanks

MAA Refinery –KNPC Kuwait

  • Replacement of 12 Pipe Lines in MAA Refinery
  • 2600 tons of Pipes, sizes of lines are from 36” to 6”
  • Contract price 8.5 million USD
  • Project duration 12 months

Refinery Port Harcourt - Nigeria

  • 2 year Contract
  • Planning and Execution Refinery turnaround
  • Mechanical and Electrical activities

Pancevo and Novi Sad Refineries, Yugoslavia

  • Daily maintenance, Preventive maintenance and Turnaround
  • Reconstruction of Vacuum Distillation and Tank Farm, after bombing of Yugoslavia

Refinery CPC RFCC Taiwan

  • Contract with LG Eng & Const. Corporation
  • Commissioning and Process preparation for Start-up of new refinery, contract duration 6 months