Construction & Reconstruction

GESCO – Khoms Power Plant

Repairing Jetty of 1500m long; First General Overhauling of Loading Arms after 15 years Civil, Electrical, Cathodic Protection, Replacing of 1500 m of damaged concrete rood, painting of steel structure, Replaced electrical cables, Repairing of loading arms, Painting of pails under and over water Damaged concert rood removed 30% of the Jetty repaired, Repaired Loading Arms is in function after 15 years.

Brega Marketing - Ras El Mungar

Repairing three storage tank; Replace damaged bottom plates, roof repairing; Replace annular ring and one meter of the shell; Painting of the tanks.

Dar Assina’s Shipyards, Misurata

Repairing of Dock Lift – electrical and electronic maintenance work Redesign of Control System Erection of rubber and wood timbers on the harbor docks

El Fatah Cement Plant Derna Libya

Overhauling of production lines Overhauling of Cyclones and Satellites Overhauling of clay crusher Replacement of Cyclone pipe, completed in April 2010

Power Plant Benghazi North

Power Plant Derna, Libya

Civil works, repair of concrete areas

Power Plant Tubruq

Civil works, repair of Turbine Condensate Exhaust Channel (300 m)

Azzawiya Refinery, Libya

Design and construction of Twin Warehouse 5000 m2