About Us

PESSING LTD Engineering & Construction was established in 1990 with headquarters in Belgrade; from 1993 we extend and opened its Branch office in Tripoli/Libya.

We completed our first job – the repair of a petrochemical complex in Ras Lanuf, Libya. After the first successful completion, the company gets new offers and expands its field of activity to refineries, cement plants, oilfields and ports.

We are working on maintenance, overhaul, construction or commissioning of petrochemical complexes, refineries, oilfields, energy sources and public facilities. Also, we have built new plants, expanded our work and our expert team. We combined youth and experience and showed visible results.

Through its long-standing work on the Libyan market, Pessing has significantly contributed to increasing the production, storage and transport of natural gas in Libya.  After many years of decay, the plants we rebuilt and repaired are successfully working again.

We are offering you both experience from time spent on the field and the technical solutions we have learned on maintenance and overhauling jobs we have finished successfully and efficiently.

The company has maintained the success of its business to date by respecting the quality on which it is based: highly trained staff, teamwork, high ethics of business, quality of service, commitment and openness towards clients, as well as the willingness to invest all their efforts and investments in order to achieve all the clients ideas and achieve their goals.

After 25 years of work on the Libyan market, the Company’s business success is best illustrated by the results and satisfaction of clients who return to the new requirements again.